Remanufactured Ammunition 9mm LUGER FMJ, OPEN price for 100 pcs

temporarily sold out

397 Kč

Ammunition is laborated for guns I.P.S.C. shooters in division OPEN. Optimal function of the compensator will ensure. Power Factor in handgun CZ Czech Mate is 165.

Ammunition is laborated from fired brass, that goes through quality control, calibration and chemical cleaning.

Bullet FMJ RN 124gr non-magnetic CuZn 30.

Brass from various manufacturers - 9x19 remarked AP OPEN.

Package: carton 1000 pcs (10x100 pcs)

Price for 100 pcs

Producer: ALSA PRO s.r.o.

Ammunition for firearm license can be picked up in person only.

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